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Hello all, and welcome to Blimpblog! I'm Kate, the proprietor of Blimpcat Studio, and I'll be your guide through my world of weddings, design, Etsy and the Internet. Blimpcat was founded in February 2010 by myself and my then-fiance, Jimmy, to help us save for our wedding and honeymoon, which took place in October of 2010. Over the last year, Blimpcat has gone from the means to an end (save up for a Parisian honeymoon) to the end itself--I love designing, and working with brides and grooms to make their weddings perfect. But really, any occasion is a good opportunity to bring a little beauty into your life!

So what can you expect from here? Well, in addition to showcasing my new designs as they come up, I want to enhance your design and wedding experience. I'll be posting about wedding DIY ideas, digging up undiscovered Etsy gems for you, pointing out upcoming trends in design, and offering the occasional cool, funny, or useful link. Feel free to comment or email me if you've got a question or an idea--I'd love to help you out!

We've posted a lot of new designs in the last week--let's take a quick look!

First, the Vintage Baby birth announcement collection launched! We have four pretty new designs to announce your new arrival with flair.
Second, we have a pair of new wedding invitations, Venn Love (for the stylish geek) and Isobel Script (for the classic bride with a modern edge).

Third, we have a much-anticipated new cake topper, Cameo!

And finally, we have two designs for your big move--a housewarming party invitation and a house illustration poster.
Check them out--we'd love to design something just for you!

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